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OE is now on PATREON ~ and offering Online Courses!

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OE has a new page on Patreon which has been created in response to the overwhelmingly positive reciprocation of the faithful to The Orthodox Ethos Podcast.

Within just two months of launching our subscribers more than tripled to over 8,000. Many of them - many of you - have asked us for an easy way - like Patreon - to support the work financially and help it expand.

At the same time we were looking for a platform to host our online courses. We were pleasantly surprised to find that through Crowdcast we can also make Patreon the platform for our online courses - beginning with this summer’s Orthodox Survival Course 2020.

Once you become a patron, at whatever donation amount, you will gain access to the course, as well as to other content, such as live-streaming Q & A sessions, special announcements, videos and articles, and more.

Our approach to Patreon is different and unique. There are no membership tiers with levels of rewards. Access to all content is given to all patrons irrespective of their monthly donation amount. Everyone offers whatever he desires, for the sake of the Truth of Christ and the upbuilding of the brethren, and all share in the same benefits.

Now, with The Orthodox Ethos Patreon Page, yet another opportunity opens up to enlarge the circle of co-workers, patrons and subscribers, and so extend the reach of the work.

Now all of you can support The Orthodox Ethos platform and - no matter the level of support - gain access to all material, first of which is our online Summer Course starting in just a few weeks.

Become a patron today and we’ll see you in the Course!

An Orthodox Survival Course


A six-week introductory course, with a one hour lecture each week, followed by a Q & A session. This introductory course will be followed by a more extensive course in the Fall.

The course will begin with a summary of the work done by Fr. Seraphim Rose in his “Survival Course,” the aim of which was to help the faithful understand the apostasy and know why the modern age is the way it is. The course will, furthermore, point the faithful to contemporary sources of guidance given by the Saints of our age and important ecclesiastical writers, and analyze the challenges currently facing the Church, including church closures, “sanitized” Temples of God, vaccinations, wars and rumors of wars and other signs of our times.


Begins on Thursday, July 30, 2020 at 9 PM (EST, New York), 6 PM (PST, San Francisco), 11 AM, Friday (Sydney, Australia)

  • A second Q&A Session for Eastern Hemisphere participants will be held every Friday evening at 7:30 PM (Sydney time zone)
  • Lessons are held weekly, every Thursday evening.
  • Seminar Dates: July 30; August 6, 13, 20, 26*; September 3. [*Wednesday evening]


Online, through The Orthodox Ethos Patreon Page; Go there now to sign up, becoming a patron of The Orthodox Ethos, at whatever level of support you prefer, and you have access to all Online Courses.

The Aim:

To assist in the acquisition of the Mind of Christ, the Orthodox Patristic Perspective and Worldview, in order to protect the faithful from the wiles of enemy and the spirit of Antichrist which, by another name, is secularism.


Archpriest Peter Heers
Lecturer in Dogmatic Theology
Holy Trinity Seminary (ROCOR)

Posted on July 13th, 2020

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