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— By Elder Ephraim of Philotheou and Arizona


— This prophecy is now circulating widely in Greek and undoubtedly has been told to many. This was told to me by a spiritual son of the elder a day before the elder’s Funeral Service and Burial. (The spiritual son said that the elder told him this in 2008) Thus, I heard it about 3 months before the difficulties he speaks of began and the coronavirus “crisis” exploded. He also told me that the Elder said that there would be an unprecedented world wide economic crisis just after his repose. At the time, when Trump was boasting about the best economy ever, I struggled to see how this unprecedented economic crisis would begin. Who would have thought that a bio-weapon virus would come out of nowhere and provoke it? So, the first part of the prophecy has already been fulfilled…and now we await the rest to come about…May we have the Holy Elder’s blessing and intercessions! — Fr. PAH

English Translation:
“My child, I will not be here when they go to the City (Constantinople) because, my child, I will repose at the beginning of the events. . . . Very difficult days are coming! Take care of your soul, assemble together [or collect or come together] and give yourself over to the struggle [or put up a fight]. During these difficult years only a few priests will remain faithful to Orthodoxy and guard the Faith! The great ones, the officials, will follow the ”other one”! [he means the devil]. People will be divided [into groups]. Who should one follow [they will ask]? . . . This situation will last a short while and then the [great] war will follow! After the war there will be a General Council which will put [ecclesiastical] things in order.“
The original Greek:
“Παιδί μου, δεν θα προλάβω την Πόλη, γιατί, παιδί μου, θα κοιμηθώ στην αρχή των γεγονότων... Έρχονται πολύ δύσκολες μέρες! Προσέξτε την ψυχή σας, μαζευτείτε και δώστε τον αγώνα σας! Αυτά τα χρόνια τα δύσκολα μόνο λίγοι απλοί παπάδες θα κρατήσουν και θα διαφυλάξουν την Ορθοδοξία! Οἱ μεγάλοι, οἱ ἀξιωματοῦχοι, θά ἀκολουθήσουν τόν «ἄλλον»! (ἐννοεῖ τόν διάβολον) Ὁ κόσμος θά μοιραστεῖ! Ποιόν ν’ ἀκολουθήσει; Αὐτό θά κρατήσει λίγο καί μετά θ’ ἀκολουθήσει ὁ πόλεμος! Μετά τόν πόλεμο θά γίνει μία Σύνοδος κανονική καί θά βάλει στήν σειρά τά πράγματα!”

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