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May 12th, 2016

Vladyka Averky of Jordanville on an “8th Synod”

In 1923, Patriarch Meletios IV of Constantinople convoked the “Pan-Orthodox Congress,” at which the following “reforms” were proposed for the abolition of existing canonical rules and regulations of the Orthodox Church:

  1. A married episcopate;
  2. Second marriages for clergy;
  3. The New Calendar;
  4. The abbreviation of Divine services;
  5. The abolition of fasts and monasticism;
  6. The simplification of clergy dress, that is, permission for the clergy to wear secular clothes and lead secular ways of life.

Then these “reforms” caused a great deal of protest and objection, including from other Eastern Patriarchs, who declared that for any such “reforms” an Ecumenical Council was needed, which alone is the only authoritative supreme authority in the Church.

Over the course of time, such sentiments and tendencies have not only disappeared, but have been further strengthened in various Local Orthodox Churches, and now their supporters strongly advocate for the convening of an “Eighth Ecumenical Council.”

Knowing the contemporary disposition of many church “ringleaders” and their perseverance in carrying out their destructive plans, we can very clearly imagine what kind of “Ecumenical Council” this will be! Even without waiting for any official decisions, many have already introduced certain of these “reforms” into life, ignoring in their activity completely categorical ecclesial canons. But, of course, some of them still have a conscience, and they would therefore like to “legitimize” that which they have already committed in an individual manner of iniquity.

That is the reason why these cunning people, although they bear the image of piety, which they in fact despise, so aspire to the convening of this “Eighth Ecumenical Council.” They are certain that people such as they are will be in the “majority” at the “council,” and therefore the “majority vote” will permit that which they want – that is, completely officially, with all the appearance of legitimacy, formally to legitimize iniquity.

But would such an “Ecumenical Council” indeed be authoritative for all and an incontestable expression of the voice of the Holy Spirit (“It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us”), as was the case earlier with the Seven Ecumenical Councils recognized by the whole Church?

Of course not! All previously Ecumenical Councils began their decisions with the affirmation of all that was agreed upon at the previous Councils; but this one, as can already be seen, would place as its main task the subverting of the whole previous ecclesial structure, of everything that had previously been decided. And therefore this would not be the “Eighth Ecumenical Council,” but the “Second Robber Council,” in the image of the council held in 449 in Ephesus, which went down in Church history with the name “robber.”

Who needs this kind of “council”? Of course, only the enemies of the Church, both open and hidden. All true children of the Church of Christ will not recognize it as lawful, nor will they accept its decisions, and there will only be new schisms and divisions – which the enemies of the Church need, in preparation for the triumph of the Antichrist.

May 11th, 2016

Saint Justin (Popovich) On the Pan-Orthodox Council

In preparation for my talk next week in Patra (entitled "From the Second Vatican Council to the Pan Orthodox Council") I read the memorandum the great Saint Justin wrote in 1977 on the planned Council (see below). For all who wish to be filled with sobriety and watchfulness, this is a must read today!

The prophetic and immortal words of the great confessor and theologian of the Serbian Orthodox...

April 24th, 2016

Ο Μητροπολίτης Φλωρίνης Θεόκλητος για τη Μεγάλη Σύνοδο​

Metr. Theokletos of Florina on the Great Synod

Metropolitan Theokletos of Florina stated in a recent interview that he has expressed his opposition to the pre-synodical text "Relations of the Orthodox Church with Rest of the Christian World" in a memorandum to the entire hierarchy of the Church of Greece.

He states that the term "church" must not be used except to refer to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, the Orthodox Church. He...

April 22nd, 2016

From a Catholic

This was sent to me by a friend.

Besides the obvious mistaken perception about the church, which one expects from Latin quarters, the commentary below is of interest to us because of the similar methodology he sees at work in the pan-Orthodox synod with that at work during Vatican II.

The asterisks are mine, the commentary yours...

"A private message I received from a...

April 18th, 2016

Do all Religions Have the Same Heavenly Father?

- Fr. Emmanuel Hatzidakis

[Fr. Peter: This points us to the deeper problem, there where some want to take us, which few yet see or understand...]

“WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS” Are we? First in Jerusalem (May 27, 2014), and more recently in Rome (June 8, 2014), Patriarch Bartholomew hammers the message of universal brotherhood with intra-Christian and interfaith prayer services (which...

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